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Top 5 Rustic Wood Signs to Have in Your Beach House

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

You've had the same decorations in your beach house for years now. They are getting old and faded making your home look tired.

The easiest way to breathe new life into the decor is with a rustic sign. Not only will it give you a custom look, it's right on trend for home decor trends.

Check out these rustic wood signs to get a jump on your beach house makeover.

1. Lake House Cabin Sign

Is your beach house on a lake? This beautifully painted blue sign is the perfect addition to your home.

The sign measures 7 x 18 inches. Perfect for hanging in a hallway, kitchen, or bathroom.

Fully customize your home decor signs by choosing the colors and artwork to match the decor in your home. Complete the sign with your family's name.

2. Pineapple Address Sign

Give your home address some pizzazz with this unique and tropical sign. This sign is perfect for the front of your home.

Several coats of urethane protect this beautiful wood sign from the elements. Your home's address number will feature prominently in the center of the sign.

On either side are two custom carved and painted pineapples. Each one has a detailed look with the carved details of the body and leaves.

The vibrant green and yellow paint breathe life into the sign. While the dark black and bold numbers make the sign easily readable.

3. Engraved Beer Sign

This sign is perfect for the beach party house. This 7 x 18-inch sign prominently features two beer mug carvings on either side of the "Man Cave" lettering in the center.

Choose the name you'd like added to the sign. It's made of rustic light pine wood with a polyurethane finish.

This one is unlike other rustic signs where the design is carved. The beer mugs, lettering, and frame are all raised.

4. Beach Paradise Sign

Your home sweet home sign doesn't need to be literal. This beach paradise sign is perfect for your home away from home on the shore.

Customize this sign by choosing your own phrase. Each sign can feature a delicately carved shell and palm tree cluster.

The entire sign is painted a brilliant and tropical shade of blue. The scalloped carving around the edge gives it a rustic feel.

5. Fishing Poll Sign

What's a beach house on the water without some fishing? This sign is the perfect addition for the ultimate angler's home.

It is only meant for indoor hanging. The sign is made of pine and painted black for effect.

If you want to hang the sign outside, look for cedar or another hardwood. If you prefer a different color, that can change too.

Rustic Wood Signs

Rustic wood signs are the perfect way to add some new life to your beach house. The rustic charm is the perfect way to add a homey feel.

Consider a theme and color that will match your current decor. If your beach house is on a lake, the lake boat sign is a perfect touch.

If your beach house is more tropical, consider the pineapple or beach paradise sign. The beer sign is perfect for your beach house that hosts all of the parties.

Finally, the sign featuring fishing polls is perfect for the fishing enthusiast. Whatever sign you choose, customize it for your family's name.

Let us help you come up with some wood sign ideas for your beach house.

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