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The 5 Best Wood Sign Ideas for Any Occasion

Looking for a way to make take your house decoration to a new level?

A painted or engraved wood sign is a popular choice to add rustic charm to any home. Check out these wood sign ideas that can become a centerpiece to your humble abode.

Welcome Signs

There's no better way to invite guests into your home than with a welcome sign.

A wooden welcome sign instantly adds warmth and friendship to your home's entrance. Along with feeling appreciated and welcome, your friends and family will immediately be impressed with such a beautiful decorative piece.

Place the sign on an adjacent wall in your foyer, or hang it outside overtop of the doorway.

Love Signs

Wood signs about love and affection are perfect decorations for married couples both young and old.

Throughout your years together, you'll each be reminded of the love you have for each other every time you see the sign.

Some signs can be passionate, while others can be funny or even sexy. Even a simple "I love you" sign can transform your house into a home.

With a custom wood sign, you can personalize the sign to include your wedding vows, lyrics from your first dance song, or the date of the wedding ceremony.

Wood love signs make for a perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, or Valentine's Day.

Love signs can go anywhere in your home, although some might be most appropriate in the bedroom.

Food and Drink Signs

Everybody loves to eat and drink!

Food like poetry without words. With so many shapes and images to draw off of, the wood sign ideas are nearly endless.

For fans of alcohol, you probably know there's no shortage of clever drinking quips and puns. A great line like "Wine improves with age. I improve with wine," makes for a perfect decorative sign.

The kitchen, dining room, or bar area is a perfect place to hang up cool wood signs as decoration. The signs serve as a great conversation starter while you're enjoying a meal or having a beverage with friends or family.

Faith and Religion Signs

For religious families, wood signs are a great way to remind you of your faith.

When life gets you down, it can be hard to remember the things most important to you and the trust you have in them. Religious signs serve as a constant visual reminder of what you believe in, helping you go on throughout the day.

Bible verses and lines from other religious texts are among the most popular selections for wooden signs. With a verse especially meaningful to you, a wood sign can make a big difference in your daily outlook.

Humorous Signs

At the end of the day, humor is always important.

Funny jokes from your favorite comedians, puns, and clever comments make for great wood signs.

As you see them around your house, you and your guests will remember to smile and have some fun.

Have Any Wood Sign Ideas?

If this list gave you some inspiration or you have some of your own wood sign ideas, contact us today and we'll make you a treasured piece of home d

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