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Simple Tricks for Making Incredible DIY Signs With Perfect Lettering

Last year, people searched for DIY wooden signs more than ever before, and retailers are cashing in. A search on Amazon will show you how popular the wooden sign trend is, especially for weddings or as home decor.

Many people buy signs, but that may not be in your budget. In other cases, you may not be able to find the sign you need.

Whether you're making signs for a wedding or celebration, or for decoration around your home, use these tips to make lettering your DIY signs a breeze.

Make DIY Signs with a Stencil

Making a stencil is the easiest way to get perfect lettering every time. This method is how most people make DIY signs.

You can choose to buy a stencil, but you can also make one of your own.

Choose a typeface in a word processor, then type out the words you want. Print them out. Copy paper works fine, but a stiffer paper, like card stock, provides a better base.

Next, cut out the individual letters. Secure the stencil on the wood you're using, then paint in the letters.

Use a Reverse Stencil

You've probably wondered how to make wooden signs with knockout text. This is as easy as using a stencil. To do it, you'll create what's known as a reverse stencil.

Print out your words onto paper or vinyl, then cut out each individual letter. Finally, place transfer tape over the cut out. Arrange the letters on the board.

Next, you'll paint over the board and the vinyl letters. Once the paint is dry, peel the letters away from the board. The paint can bubble or peel at this stage, so be cautious.

Try the Transfer Method

This next method is so easy, it's sometimes known as the "cheater method" of lettering for sign making.

To begin, pick your font and type up your words. Print them out.

Using a pencil, color over the reverse side of the paper. This can be rough and messy, but make sure you cover each letter with graphite.

Turn the paper over and tape it to your wooden sign. When you're taping, be sure to take your time. You want everything to align properly.

Use a marker or pen to outline the text. Ensure the pen is transferring to the wood by lifting the corners and checking.

Once you've finished creating your outline, remove the paper and start painting.

If you're looking for an even easier method, you can use carbon copy paper for the transfer.

Some Tips for Painting in Your Letters

Once you have a stencil down or a transferred outline, you need to paint in your letters. This is the hardest part.

Use a thin brush for fine fonts. You can also use a paint pen instead.

Creating Beautiful Signs is Simple

Learning how to make a sign is easy. With these tips, you'll be a pro at making your own DIY signs in no time.

If you're dreaming of something more like a classic carved sign, check out what we offer. Beautiful, rustic home decor is right at your fingertips.

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