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Rustic Meets Coastal: 5 Easy Breezy Rustic Decorations for Your Beach House

Anyone who grew up on a farm knows you can take the person out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the man or woman you become. It's part of who you are, and something to celebrate anywhere you go - even to the beach house.

If you recently bought a vacation home by the beach or you're about to move into one as your year-round residence, don't be afraid to bring your favorite rustic decorations with you.

It may not be the classic farmhouse you knew as a kid, but there are some beautiful possibilities available when you bring the farm to the beach.

Here are five ways to create a lovely rustic beachy decor.

1. Worn Wooden Signs

Wood is the tell-tale sign of a rustic home. It's all over the house from the flooring to the cabinets and the decor on the walls. As such, it only makes sense to bring a little wood into the beach house.

Find lightly colored wooden signs that look a little distressed. These may appear more like an off-white or creamy grey than a brown, but if you want to stick to the classics, look for a tan-colored wood.

Some signs will have fun beach sayings already on them and others will be blank for you to write yourself. Have fun picking them out and finding places for them in your home!

2. Farmhouse Wall Treatments

Wooden signs aren't the only way you can bring natural elements into the house. Some rooms may be the perfect canvas for farmhouse wall treatments.

Look around the living room or the kitchen backdrop and imagine how the walls would look with wooden wallpaper or real wood planks. Again, you have to get the color just right, but when you do, it will look absolutely beautiful.

Keep in mind you can do an accent wall instead of an entire room, too.

3. Barnhouse Upholstering

Another way to bring the farm to the beach is to use materials like linen and burlap for your upholstering. Find ways to incorporate these into the pillows on the couch and the curtains on the walls. Don't rule out burlap tablecloths or bedroom throw pillows, either.

4. Woven Accents

Once everything starts to come together, all that's left are little accents to make your rustic beach house complete. Consider buying some woven pieces to help bring everything to life.

These include anything from rugs made of rope to woven candle-holders or even a fun wreath for the front door. You might even find a piece of wall art that has been woven together in the shape of something beachy - like a seahorse or seashell.

5. Natural Colors

When in doubt, always go with natural colors. Light blues and soft whites or browns go really well at the beach, and they give hints of the farmhouse feel, too.

Try to bring a few plants into the house or create a few pops of color here and there as well. Before you know it, all the details will have come together even better than you could have imagined. But, it all starts with the right color concepts and design ideas in mind.

Get All the Rustic Decorations Your Heart Desires

It's not rocket science to bring your two worlds together when you know what you're doing. But, if you just feel lost, don't worry. Take your time to decide what you really want in your home, and the right rustic decorations will come your way.

If you want to start searching for certain pieces or brainstorming ideas, click here.

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