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Rustic Bathroom Decor: 6 Sign Ideas That Will Make Your Guests Giggle

The farmhouse chic look is all the rage, but how can you make the bathroom look a little nicer? Given what happens in there, there's only so much you can do, especially because anything too pretty will be hard to keep clean.

Why not try a funny sign? It will make your guests giggle and give them a more pleasant bathroom experience.

Check out these 6 rustic bathroom decor signs that are sure to solicit a chuckle from anyone using the toilet at your house.

Rustic Bathroom Decor Ideas

Whether you make them on pallets or nicer wood, painted or engraved, these sayings will make bathroom users laugh. They may even ask where you got itso they can have one for their own bathroom!

Jesus is Everywhere

How about a sign that says, "Wash your hands and say your prayers because Jesus and germs are everywhere." Cleanliness is important, and little kids especially need the reminder to wash their hands.

This is perfect for both the sarcastic friend and the uber-religious grandmother who visits too often.

Please Seat Yourself

Place a sign above the toilet that says, "Please seat yourself." Anyone who has restaurant experience, or really likes their privacy will appreciate this one. Another phrase along the same lines that you might like better is "Please remain seated during the entire performance."

Ready Aim Fire

For a little more inappropriate humor, why not use a sign that says, "Ready, Aim, Fire"? Men especially may hearken back to the days when their mothers were training them to aim a little better while using the toilet.

Another that might work in this same category is "Players with short bats please stand closer to the plate" on a baseball home plate-shaped sign.

As Nice As...

Complementing your guest is the best way to make their day. Try a sign like this: "Hope your day is as nice as your rear." Even if it's general for everyone, who can't help but smile when reading that?

Brought To You By

A sign like "This room is brought to you by the letter P and the numbers 1 & 2" will surely get a laugh. People, especially children, have been referring to bathroom activities as numbers since the late 1800s, and this sign would make anyone guffaw.

Let's Decorate

Above are some great ideas for rustic bathroom decor. These signs are sure to get a laugh out of your guests, although carefully considering your house guests' sense of humor may be advised. Some sayings are more inappropriate than others.

For help with custom signs and ordering the perfect one for your bathroom (or any room in the house), visit our website today!

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