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Lake House Decor Done Right: 4 Tips to Create the Right Ambiance

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

If you are lucky enough to own or have access to a lakehouse, it's likely you want it decorated in a fitting manner. Of course, it is your property so the final decision is up to you.

However, the majority of people enjoy sticking to a fairly simple rustic theme. Rustic doesn't have to mean dingy or barn-like. In fact, it can be elegant while representing the comfort you remember from childhood.

We're going to explore 4 tips for creating the perfect ambiance by using your lakehouse decor. Keep reading for more information!

The View is What You Came For

That gorgeous view of the lake is something you can't see from home. Focus on natural beauty and natural light by up playing the windows in different rooms.

In bedrooms, you might prefer to have window treatments to allow comfortable sleeping. When considering treatments for family rooms that face the lake, opt for minimal or no treatments.

This allows for an unobstructed view of what attracted you there in the first place while letting in plenty of light.

Mix and Match Plenty of Seating

Normally a lakehouse is a gathering spot for family and friends. Although you might be planning a quick family trip, extras always get invited or show up.

Although kids are tough and can sit on the floor, adults may prefer actual seating. Regardless, finding durable furniture and seating is a must.

All the chairs and sofas don't have to be in perfect condition--that can be part of the rustic look. They really don't even have to match perfectly as this will give your lakehouse an informal and comfortable look.

Wall Decor Will Go a Long Way

Showing off photos of your favorite memories over the years is an excellent way to inspire storytelling to loved ones. These stories will be passed down for generations to come, usually starting with, "remember that story grandpa used to tell?"

Of course, having too many framed photos may seem a bit offputting. This is where finding cute signage is a must.

Some people prefer a very classic look, while others aim for cheeky and funny. The choice is yours, but along with the photos, this art is always appreciated by visitors.

Pops of Color for Overcast Days

If you've been fortunate to spend any amount of time on a lake or at a lakehouse, you'll know how quickly storms can blow in.

Every day at the lake isn't perfect but it's better than being home. Keep that sentiment alive by placing pops of color throughout your home. It might be red throw pillows or a yellow chair but this color will bring a little light on those overcast days.

Lake House Decor: Keep it Simple

The idea of lake house decor is to keep it simple, easy and focused on the outdoors. By doing so, you'll naturally be able to appreciate your surroundings and the people in them

It truly doesn't matter if you prefer a rustic or modern look. No matter the theme or style you choose, keeping these tips in mind will help create a relaxing getaway.

If you'd like more ideas on decorating, check out our blog!

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