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How to Make a Weathered Beach Sign

Do you love coastal decor? Rustic beach-themed signs are trending right now. If you want to make beach signs DIY, here's how to make weathered beach signs.

Who doesn't love the beach? Regardless of where you live you can always bring a little of it into your home. A beach theme can brighten up any room.

One quick way to bring the beach to you is via cute and creative beachy signs. You see them in restaurants, hotel rooms, and beach bars. Creating weathered beach signs is easier than you think.

Continue reading for these beach signs DIY projects.

Tools Needed For Your Beach Signs DIY Project

DIY beach signs require a few simple tools. Take a trip to your local craft or home improvement store to pick-up these items.

Sander: You can use a hand sander or sandpaper, whichever you are most comfortable using. However, hand sanders last longer and can be reused.

Brushes: Liner brushes are for small projects and used to create details in and thin lines of artwork. A wash brush is a wider brush used to cover larger areas and works well with acrylic paints.

Tracing Stylus: You will need a steel point craft knife to create your design and letters.

Choosing the Right Wood

For your DIY beach sign, you will need wood. It doesn't have to be expensive.

Choose wood pieces that are no more than three inches wide. The length of the wood is determined by the message you are going to place on the sign.

You will also want to figure into your length, artwork like shells, flowers or other symbols.

Driftwood, plywood or pre-cut wood planks from the local craft store are best. First, decide if your beach signs decor will be framed, a solo piece or multiple planks connect by rope or chains.

The type of sign you make will impact the thickness of the wood you will need.

Picking Your Beach-worthy Paint Colors

When it comes to beachy signs, you want to choose the right colors.

Popular colors for beach signs includes light blues, soft yellows, sand, mint greens, cool whites and shades of peach. Great accent colors can be darker blues or a cranberry. You should stick with acrylic craft paints.

Popular brands for this type of project are Plaid and Americana, both are sold in most store's craft departments and online.

Get Your Stencils

Stenciling is easy. You can purchase pre-made stencils or make your own.

Using a program like Microsoft Word, type out your message in the largest font and print. Cut-out the letters and layout on your pre-painted wood.

Paint the stencils in the color of choice and allow them to dry. The final step is to attach a hook or rope to hang your new beach sign.

Have We Inspired Your Creative Juices?

If you're still not convinced you can create your own sign, there are other options. Beach signs DIY projects aren't for everyone. Or you may be looking for a more customized sign.

Rustic decor is also popular and makes great gifts. Whether it's for a wedding gift, housewarming or something for yourself, Rustic Decor Treasures has you covered.

Contact us today, and we will help you create the special sign you are envisioning

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