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How to Add Modern Rustic Touches to Your Lake Cabin

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The rustic decor trend that became popular in the early 2000s is still going strong. Its longevity is only due to design alterations, however, that have ushered rustic sensibilities into the 21st century.

Most lake cabins now mix rustic design with modern style to create a rustic modern decor hybrid. Modern rustic homes preserve the best design of the past but also simultaneously feel fresh and bright.

Keep reading to learn how to create the perfect rustic chic vibe in your lake home!

Mix Metal and Wood

Industrial design is quintessentially modern in 2018, and that usually includes some sort of metal. Combining rustic textures with modern textures creates an understated rustic modern vibe that feels very natural and almost unintentional.

You could do this by pairing a wooden bathroom vanity with a metal mirror, or a metal outdoor table with rustic wooden chairs. You could also hang three-dimensional metal wall art on a wooden wall, or a wooden shelf on galvanized metal siding.

Combine Modern and Rustic in One Element

It's easy to combine modern and rustic decor in one design element. Simply offset the rustic element with the modern element, and voila!

A rustic coffee table pairs perfectly with a coffee table book that features bold, modern typography on the cover. Offset a modern kitchen island with wooden barstools.

If your bed frame is wooden, pair it with a clean, modern, white bedspread and modern end tables. Hang modern picture frames on the wall stuffed with sepia-toned pictures, too!

Your Color Scheme

If you don't dig modern design too much and merely want to keep your rustic style from feeling outdated, your lake home's color scheme can work to your advantage here.

For instance, adopting a black and white color scheme accented with rustic wooden decor can feel like a trendy New York apartment full of antiques.

If black and white isn't your thing, that's okay-- the key is just to avoid old-fashioned, musty colors that make a room feel dated. Shy away from pastels and overly warm tones. Let the wood and the cozy fireplace create the warm tones for you.

Cozy Vibes Feel Rustic

If you don't dig rustic design but want to add cozy elements to your modern sensibilities, consider the root of all rustic design. It's all about feeling cozy.

A smattering of lit candles can add a rustic vibe to a room without any rustic decor. A fireplace's warm glow can do the same, especially paired with some cozy throw blankets to cozy up in and watch a movie.

For more on this concept, check out the Danish concept of Hygge-- it's all about slowing down and cozying up, the core of rustic design.

Your Modern Rustic Decor

You've read up on how to combine two popular decor trends into one modern rustic design sensibility. Now you're probably ready to apply everything you've learned to your lake house!

Every lake house needs a rustic entrance sign highlighting your family name. Create your custom rustic sign today to add that little flair of personality to your lake house's character!

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