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Beyond the Welcome Sign: All The Wedding Signage You Need for Your Wedding

When you plan your wedding, you need to think about all of the small details. Some of these details include the things you'll never think about.

A common example is signage. And most couples don't realize they need this crucial element until the day of their wedding.

Most couples think they only need the "welcome" sign. In reality, more signs are necessary. Signs help direct your guests so they know where to go and what to do. Other signs offer decor and a symbol of love and beauty.

If you're stumped on which wedding signs you need, have no fear. Continue reading and know the necessary wedding signage for your big day.

Directional Signs

One of the most obvious signs is the directional signs. These are crucial for larger weddings or weddings that include the dinner and rehearsal party at the same venue.

Have signs that point to the ceremony, dinner and rehearsal space. Have other important signs, such as signs to the restroom.

Be sure to up your creativity by creating unique and lovely signs. Or buy some intricate direction signs for the wedding.

A Guestbook Sign

Even though everyone knows signing the guestbook is mandatory, signage helps your guests find the guest book.

Just a simple table sign with a sweet "please sign our guestbook" message will attract customers and bring them to the guestbook.

To boost creativity, find a beautiful font and use unique colors.

Instagram Hashtag

Do you plan on creating an Instagram hashtag for the wedding? Make sure your wedding guests know the hashtag! Near the entrance, create a sign that states the hashtag.

Make it apparent the sign is for social media, such as including the Instagram logo or offering a photo op.

Choose a Seat

No matter what your seat plan is, seat signage provokes guests to sit and prepare for the ceremony. Create a sign near the seats, stating your guests should start sitting down.

If you're designating a seat for each guest or separating the seats by family, have signage that states this. You can have a small sign at each chair with each guest's name.

Or, have a sign near each side designating the bride and the groom's names.

If there are no seating arrangements, encourage your guests to sit anywhere with a sign. You can write a catchy phrase such as "we're all family here, sit wherever."

Turn Off Phones

Even our family can be bad about silencing their phones. To ensure no phones go off and ruin the moment, have a sign encouraging guests to silence their phones before the ceremony begins.

Do You Know What Wedding Signage You'll Use?

Wedding signage is one of the most crucial wedding design elements. Whether the signs direct your guests to the bar or tell them to turn off their phones, there are wedding signs for every aspect of your wedding.

Your guests need to know where they're going, where they're sitting, and what to do. Get creative and create the best wedding signs.

Do you want custom wooden signs for your wedding? Contact us.

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