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5 Rustic Barn Decorations That Will Elevate Your Barn Wedding

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Is your big day almost here?

At this point, you've picked the location and the dress. You've even dealt with in-laws. Now, you've started looking forward to a stress-free honeymoon.

But do you know how you're going to decorate? A barn on its own is not enough for a beautiful wedding. It's a barn, after all.

A few rustic barn decorations, though, can spruce up your special day.

Read on to learn how to transform your old building into an iconic wedding location.

Rustic Ceremony Arch

A ceremony arch can accent the spot where you finally tie the knot. Instead of a plain arch found at many weddings, try going for a rustic one.

A rustic ceremony arch will be a perfect touch to your decorations. If the wedding is outside, your guests will still feel the barn theme.

Mason Jar Glasses

Mason jar glasses are a gimmie when creating a rustic design.

You can use mason jars for everything from drinking glasses to flower vases. Some people even use them to place lights inside.

You could even create your own personalized mason jar. A jar with your wedding date and names might be a nice gift for your guests to take home.

And imagine how sweet it would be to use it in your own home one day.

Custom Wedding Sign

A custom wedding sign is a unique and fun way to design your wedding.

You can place wedding signs anywhere for any reason. Try making an Instagram-worthy welcome sign to invite your guests.

Signs can be wooden, but you can also try a chalk sign. Have everyone write their names on your chalk sign for a special home decoration.

You may also want to use these signs for practical reasons. Use them to point guests to food and the main reception.

Burlap Burlap Burlap!

You can decorate with burlap almost anywhere in your wedding.

Your bouquet can use some burlap. Your tables? Put some burlap on them. Use them as decor for your chairs.

Some people use them in picture frames and on cakes. Others use them as signs or wraps for their mason jars.

It's possible to use too much burlap, but it will be difficult. This rustic barn decoration is the most flexible addition to your big moment.

Clear Globe String Lights

Clear globe lights are a hot trend for rustic weddings. These decorations are cheap and simple to use.

They might not be enough to light your wedding on their own. But, the lights can be a homey feature for you and your guests. They look gorgeous when the sun goes down at your wedding. The casual vibe they give off will keep people dancing for hours.

And, the warm lighting is perfect for Instagram. Before you know it, plenty of your guests will be posting pictures they took at your wedding.

Looking for More Rustic Barn Decorations?

If you're looking for more rustic barn decorations, check out our blog. For more questions or a custom wooden sign, please contact us.

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