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5 Insta-Worthy Flower Girl and Ring Bearer Sign Ideas

While the bride should be the star of the show, the little flower girl and ring bearer often steal the spotlight.

Including kids in a wedding ceremony never fails to be adorable.

The recent trend of having flower girls and ring bearers carry signs with them only makes the whole thing that much cuter.

Custom signs can add a whole new layer of interaction to the ceremony and allow you to expand the narrative of your big day.

On top of that, they can make for charming pictures that all your loved ones who aren't able to make the celebration are sure to treasure.

Here are five social media worthy signs that are perfect for the tiniest members of your bridal party.

1. "If You Think I'm Cute..."

Little kids acting as flower girls and ring bearers are undoubtedly adorable. That said, you shouldn't forget who the celebration is really about.

If you're going to have your ring bearer or flower girl carry a sign, use it to remind your guests that while the kids are cute, they've got nothing on the bride.

2. Ring Security

Whether you actually decide to trust your ring bearer with your wedding bands, your guests are sure to get a kick out of a pint-sized security guard.

A "Ring Security" sign will let everyone know that your ring bearer is taking their job seriously. Even if they aren't allowed to actually carry the rings.

3. Last Chance!

The old "ball and chain" gag has been a running joke since the 1800's -- and there's no chance it's going anywhere anytime soon.

For more comedic couples, you can use the smallest members of your bridal party to warn the groom that once he's hitched, there's no going back.

4. Share the Moment

More and more couples are relying on their friends and family to capture the magic of their wedding, rather than hire a photographer.

Because of this, it's not uncommon for engaged couples to come up with a fun and creative hashtag their guests can use to label wedding pictures.

Adding that tag to the flower girl or ring bearer's sign is an excellent way to help your guests capture a moment you'll never forget.

5. Here Comes The Bride

Finally, why not have your ring bearer and flower girl announce the arrival of the real star of the show?

While "Here Comes the Bride" is a classic for a reason, there are dozens of ways to tailor this message to better suit the groom and bride.

If the ring bearer and/or flower girl are children of the bride and groom, reword the sign to include "Mommy" and "Daddy" in place of "Bride" and "Groom."

You could also use this tip for Aunts and Uncles, as well as other family titles.

Weddings are about bringing two people together for a lifetime of happiness and love.

Having your ring bearer or flower girl carry a "Here Comes the Bride" custom sign is an excellent way to celebrate that.

Custom Flower Girl and Ring Bearer Signs

These are a handful of ideas, there are hundreds of creative things you can put on custom signs for the smallest members of your wedding party.

Whatever you put on them, having your flower girl and ring bearer carry signs could be a fantastic addition to your wedding decor.

Are you interested in getting custom signs made for your wedding? We can help!

Visit or contact us today to order your ring bearer and flower girl signs.

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