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4 Wooden Accents That Make the Perfect Rustic Wedding Decorations

Congratulations, you're getting married! Every bride or groom-to-be has a vision for their perfect wedding day. To make that vision a reality, you must have the perfect decorations.

If you're dreaming of a beautiful rustic wedding, then wooden accents are a must. Keep reading to learn four ways you can incorporate wooden accents into your rustic wedding decorations. With these tips, you will have the most beautiful and unique wedding to match your love.

1. Planter Box Centerpieces

Wooden planter box centerpieces are budget-friendly, versatile, and perfect rustic wedding decorations.

You can build the planter boxes yourself with only wood and gorilla glue. All you need are pieces of wood in the sizes you desire and then glue them to make an open box.

You can also buy wooden planter boxes at very affordable prices. The best part about using planter boxes for centerpieces is they can be any size and style you want.

For long tables, place long rectangular boxes or multiple small square planters in a row. For round tables, one larger or taller box in the middle is perfect.

You can paint or stain the planters to match your theme or leave them in their natural form to really get that rustic look. Plant any type of flower or greenery inside and paint or attach the table number to the box. Then, you're all set!

If you plant and grow the florals yourself, you'll save a ton of money and have full control over your wedding flora.

2. Wooden Plates

Wooden plates are not only super neat and historical, they are also so unique. They will add the perfect touch to your rustic wedding and a one-of-a-kind experience for your guests.

We're not talking plates made out of wood that look like normal ceramic plates. We're talking roughly cut, thick, and natural. Check out how elegant and rustic these bark-lined plates look here.

3. Wooden Signs and Place Cards

Custom wooden signs make the best rustic wedding decorations because every wedding needs signs and these offer a wooden accent while fulfilling the day's needs.

Use wooden signs for the welcome sign, seating chart, wedding party (hanging from their chairs or at the entry), cake or dessert table, and really anywhere your heart desires. You can even have mini wooden place cards with names carved out of wood or painted onto wooden cards.

Whether your signs have painted, chiseled, or burned text, you'll love the look.

4. Candle Holders

Another great idea for rustic wedding decorations is rustic wooden candle holders.

Candle holders with bark around them are perfect, and you can find different versions. You put the entire candle in some styles. Others you simply set the candle on top. Rustic candle holders are easy to find around the holidays.

If the bark is too much, you can find or make beautiful candle holder accents from wooden boards or refurbished wood.

Order Your Custom Rustic Wedding Decorations Now

Whether you're in need of custom wooden signs or various types of decor, we have all the rustic wedding decorations to make your vision come true. Check out our products and contact us today to order free proofs or samples before you buy!

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