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4 Tips for the Perfect Rustic Hunting Lodge Decoration

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

If you're an expert hunter and have purchased a cozy lodge hidden in the forest, you're not the only one.

In 2017, more than 15 million people participated in hunting in the USA. From rock stars to royalty, many are enjoying a spot of hunting followed by a good old rest in a hunting lodge.

But, your traditional hunter's cabin won't look like one without the right hunting lodge decoration.

Read on for our 4 tips on how to create that perfect rustic atmosphere without going overboard on the brown!

1. Pick a Cozy Theme

Traditional hunting lodge decor generally includes warm colors, wooden textures, and comfy fabrics. Everything about this rustic theme oozes coziness!

But, don't forget to add a few modern twists to the otherwise wild west theme.

Wooden paneling, plaid materials, and a stone veneer fireplace are all essential to the hunting lodge theme. A ceiling with wooden beams made from reclaimed wood can be a perfect focal point to your hunting home decorations.

2. Choose Classy Walls and Floors

Wooden panels in pine, cherry wood, and oak are all popular picks for wooden walls. Some choose to opt for a stone feature wall instead of wood, which gives cooler tones and a natural feel.

If wooden panels or stone walls are too dark for your taste, try light wallpaper with intricate designs. For example, you can purchase a neutral wallpaper with classy stag or pheasant designs. Or for a bold look, jazz up walls with plaid wallpaper.

To keep with the rustic theme, wooden floors are a great choice. For a modern look, go for a lighter stain.

Tiles can also look great in a hunting lodge. But make sure they are not too modern, and go for tiles in slate or stone textures.

3. Statement Furniture

Shabby chic or vintage style furniture are good options for your hunting lodge decor. However be careful not to go too matchy-matchy. Add some contrasting pieces of furniture to mix it up a little.

Some more hunting decor ideas include using reclaimed wood for tables, benches, coffee tables, and more. A wingback leather chair in the corner next to a bookshelf full of relevant reading material will give a real classy hunting lodge feel.

In the bathroom and kitchen, use white porcelain with bronze furnishings to keep the antique look running throughout your hunting lodge decor.

4. Don't Forget the Accessories

Use lighting to keep the rustic look consistent. For instance, hang some vintage looking Edison bulbs over a farmhouse table. Or hang grand chandeliers throughout the ceiling beams.

Add some greenery into your hunting lodge decor to give it some color. Just a few mini planters or a large flourishing plant in the corner can cool the tone of the room down.

Don't forget to use your trophy hunting pieces for the ultimate decoration. For example, use antlers as hooks to hang your hunting gear on.

Quirky signage is essential to a fun lodge. Decorate with funky signs, vintage looking frames, wooden clocks, and more. Check out our range of rustic treasures to add some "wow factor" to your hunting home decorations.

Hunting Lodge Decoration

Don't decorate your hunting lodge in a bland and boring way. Use these 4 tips to make your hunting lodge decoration look traditional, classy, and cool with a modern twist. You'll be the envy of all your hunting friends!

For more rustic decorating ideas, check out our trendy blog!

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