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3 Gorgeous Ideas for Farmhouse Signs

Updated: Jul 1, 2018

Do you need to fill up wall space? If you love the farmhouse look, farmhouse signs are a hot new trend. Here are 3 gorgeous farmhouse sign ideas.

No matter the aesthetic of your home or business, DIY solutions are a growingly popular option. In 2018, the projected value of the DIY market worldwide is 43.7 billion dollars!

When it comes to DIY signs, farmhouse signs can offer you the flexibility to create the design you crave. Here are 3 gorgeous farmhouse sign ideas to explore for your next wall decoration.

The Vintage Take

Vintage signs are a classic. With 18 percent of Americans thrift-shopping each year, you may even get lucky in finding a gem of sign in-store.

It may be hard to find a specific sign in the shape or lettering needed for your home. Thankfully, creating a vintage-style sign at home is simple.

First, design and apply acrylic paint how you wish upon your wooden board. After painting any-sized wooden sign with acrylic paint, it's time to sand it down.

Grab any craft or hardware-store sandpaper and take it to your clean-cut sign. There are also hand-sander options to distress your sign.

Reverse Stenciling

Most farmhouse signs show off beautiful wooden backgrounds. With beautiful stencils, you can create large-scale script and designs on top of dark or dyed wood.

One other way to show off your beautiful wooden signs is to use the wood to form your words or designs. By creating a reverse stencil, you can do that. This can be done with plastic or even cardboard and a steadily-held precision knife.

By blocking only the script or forefront design, you can spray-paint your entire sign. Next, remove the blocked area to reveal your design, clearly shown in beautiful wood.

Better yet, you can block off certain areas to create multi-colored designs. With some careful pre-planning, you'll be able to create your own unique designs and colors with minimal artistic talent.

Looking for more of a challenge? Try pairing reverse stenciling with traditional acrylic painting. By layering paint on top of spray-paint, you'll be able to pair soft, diffused designs with crisp ones.

Try different takes to explore your creative vision further.

Formal Farmhouse Signs

DIY doesn't have to mean informal. With some careful planning and a steady hand, incorporating farmhouse signs at your wedding can be a fun planning activity and treat for the eyes of guests.

For large outside weddings, in particular, guests will need clearly-labeled paths and areas. This includes check-in, photo booth, wedding and reception areas. What better way to guide and enjoy a wedding than with detailed farmhouse signs?

For more wedding-sign tips, check out more clever wedding sign tips with us.

Tailor Style to Purpose

The style of your farmhouse sign should always depend on your taste, but also the sign's responsibility. Does your sign have to attract visitors, or is it only for friends and family?

What if you're looking to design a farmhouse sign specifically for your business?

These signs have to be particularly enticing, yet easy to read. You want people to be attracted to your storefront, yet clear as to what services you offer!

Be sure to check out our 5 Creative Business Sign Ideas for business-specific design help.

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