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3 Clever Wedding Signs Your Guests Will Love

Wedding signs are one of the biggest current trends in wedding decor. For a unique twist, here are 3 clever signs your guests will love.

Using signs for your wedding not only look great but they are very functional, as well. They can be used to guide your guests to the right area, provide information for times and events or even just used to amuse them.

Having customized wedding signs can really add a nice touch to the whole ceremony and make everything more memorable. They also make a nice keepsake, for you or your guests.

Here are just a few ways you can use signs for your wedding.

Wedding Signs

Whether you keep it simple and elegant or go big and elaborate, signs can add a nice accent to your wedding decor.

1. Personal Message

Your wedding signs can be used to get out your own personal message to your guests. This can include lines from your vows, traditional wedding sayings, like 'something borrowed, something blue', or quotes about love.

Couples often have an 'our song', and you could engrave a special lyric from your song on a sign. It makes a nice memory for everyone and it can tie-in with your first dance song at the wedding dance.

For the Guests

You can use smaller signs for table nameplates for your wedding party and family. They make a great keepsake they can later use at their home.

Chalkboards also make a great use of signage as you can ask people to leave messages to the happy couple. You can have pictures taken of the messages for your wedding album.

2. Themed

Of course, you have a theme for your wedding. You can have images and words or quotes on signs that tie it all together. These signs can be painted to match all of your wedding decor.

You can also get the signs cut out into shapes, like silhouettes of a bride and groom, a wedding cake, or heart-shaped signs. You can also make the signs reflect where you met, the place you are getting married, like a beach-theme or pet-shapes, if you met at the dog park.

3. Use Humor

Use a bit of humor in your signage for directions, like to the bar and to the restrooms. Everyone can appreciate that there is a lot of work and stress involved in putting a wedding together, so why not relax a bit with some good clean fun.

Here, again, you can use wedding jokes, wedding and love quotes, song lyrics that tie-in to your message and still keep the sign useful. Your wedding is meant to be a fun time, so why not let everyone know it's okay to do so.

Sign Here

There are so many options available for your wedding signs, from simple directions to in-depth messages. They can be as elaborate or as simple as you need. It's the perfect way to personalize your wedding day but also serve a great purpose.

A simple welcome sign to directions for seating, more and more people are using customized signs for their wedding. For more information or to place an order, please contact us.

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