Custom Wooden Signs

How to Get Custom Wooden Signs Made

Custom wooden signs are a great thing to have made for your home or your business, as these signs require a degree of craftsmanship and care that is absent from most other metal or plastic signs we see in our everyday lives. However, there is a specific process one must go through if they want someone to make these signs for them.


First, find a great woodworker who can build the sign you want with the proper tools in a shop. These woodworkers can be found via word of mouth from other people who have had custom wooden signs made or through searching online for reviews of good woodworkers in your area. Once you have settled on someone you want to hire, you should sit down and have a conversation with them about exactly what you want, where the sign will be hung and what type of wood you want to use. They will give you some thoughts and you will settle on a price once all is approved!

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